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This is my story

I’ve spent the last 7 years learning all there is to know about social media and how it can impact your business or personal brand.

I sort of fell into the social media world as a career by accident. I was working for the Kardashians as their Retail Director, managing retail stores in LA, NYC, and Miami. We desperately needed a social media presence. At the time there were separate accounts for each store and it was... well, messy. No brand consistency. No brand voice. Understandably bad photos at times. So I wrote a brand guideline that included what the DASH voice sounded like and what our brand was trying to convey to the world through our message and photography. 

This wasn’t successful right away. I had to really hone in on who our audience was and what content they were excited about. Once you find out who your current audience is, you will have success. In one year the DASH Instagram audience grew 58% to 1.2 Million in 2014 and the Twitter audience grew 16%. 

After I left that awesome job I ventured out on my own selling vintage clothing and had to start a new audience from scratch. This is hard as hell to do, but you can make it super fun. I did some contract social media work too, which allowed me to learn more about several kinds of businesses from a toy company to a construction business, and anything you can imagine in between.

Flash forward to now. I currently strategize social media for a jewelry company and plan content across digital channels, with an increase in over 20% audience growth my first year.

Whether you’re an aspiring influencer or you own a business, I found that so many need help to figure out their social media. From content planning to content creation, to audience growth and engagement, and not to mention “beating the algorithm”.


So I’m here to help. Holla at ya girl for a quote and ​let's get the conversation started for what you need here.

I also provide social media plans for those of you who need a social strategy! Oh, and I can also be your Instagram Girlfriend. It's like having your very own personal Instagram boyfriend, but way better. 💁🏻‍♀️


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